Pregnancy announcement with pets – what were we thinking?!


I’ve been waiting weeks to announce to the FaceBook world our amazing news – we’re gonna have a baby!  So I did what one does and turned to Pinterest for ideas.  I knew I wanted the announcement to come from our first babies, our two cats and dog.  Great idea, right?

So, I have to say that pet photographers must be the most patient breed of people on earth, especially any who work with cats.

I think it’s important to show the inspiration picture – had I been rational, I would have realized 1) the picture was taken by a professional 2) the only pet is a very cute golden retriever 3) Pinterest has no pictures of cats posing next to signs 4) Pinterest pins are meant to be admired, but really, who ever successfully imitates them?

Thank you Pinterest

Thank you Pinterest

First, we need to thank those who made this possible. Our good friend Jess for her AMAZING word art skillz, for providing the chalkboard paint, and editing our final pics. Our sweet British neighbours for lending us their blackboard easel, circa 1960. My bestie Kayla and her boys for lending us their little chalkboard. And finally the people who make Purina whisker lickin’s cat treats for getting my cats to sit still – albeit for only 5 seconds.

I think I will just let our pictures do the rest of the talking… but you can imagine 1 sign, 1 dog, 2 cats…

These are the "actors" I'm working with - can you sense their enthusiasm

These are the “actors” we’re working with.  Can you sense their enthusiasm?

Piles of cat treats got them to sit in one spot, but not look up at the camera

Piles of cat treats got them to sit in one spot, but not look up at the camera

This was the scene about 99% of the photoshoot

This was the scene about 95% of the photoshoot

This was the scene the other 1%

This was the other 5%

Attempted to take individual pictures of the pets next

I attempted to take individual pictures of the pets… turns out you need patience for this too


And then this happened

So my husband really likes this picture that I’ve dubbed “the hanging cats”.  And I admit, it’s pretty funny.  It was the original picture in the upper right hand slot of our FB announcement… but it was bothering me.  I felt like a “bad mommy” for holding my cats in this way and all I could think about was Michael Jackson dangling his child over the hotel balcony.  So yeah, hanging cats was replaced with the only somewhat decent photo we were able to take of all three pets.  Behold our FB announcement:

FB Announcement 2

Ovie, Jake & Kia have something they want to share with everyone

Note> No cats or dogs were harmed in the making of this post. A couple humans may have been scratched (but not the baby).