(Your) Helping Hands: Why they are appreciated!

An update from my friends, Jennica and Dave Whitfield with links to ways we can help… please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Little Ellie is finding everything very scary and getting her to take medicine is one of their greatest challenges.

Through Fields of Whit

Accepting help is not always an easy thing. I prefer to see myself as an independent man who can provide for himself and his family sufficiently on his own. My pride reminds me that I should be able to fend for myself, and saying yes to offers of assistance is kind of like admitting that you are lacking—in power, time, and resources.

So while that’s where I’m coming from, it was clear once we received this diagnosis that those insecurities needed to be cast aside. I don’t have the ability to make this wrong right. I can’t save my daughter with the warm touch of my hands. Instead, for Ellie’s sake, I must put my trust in others, especially our medical team, to ensure that she is receiving the most appropriate treatment possible for her leukemia.

But that is not enough. This is a devastating, exhausting experience that has only…

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