Would Your Company Terminate Adria Richards?

I am just now catching up.  Not surprising, since I am working remotely as a tax accountant during busy season and pretty much spend all my time on the computer reviewing tax returns.  Yet, I have delayed my work today.  I hope that my clients and co-employees will understand that there are times in our lives when situations deserve immediate attention.

If you have not heard about the Adria Richards story, you can catch up here.  I will not go into a synopsis of what happened and I will not theorize about what she did right or wrong, but instead I wish to start a dialogue about SendGrid’s actions (her former employer):

It appears they let her go because they were receiving backlash and it was negatively impacting their business and the lives of their employees.  Although first, they state that the way she publicly handled the situation “crossed the line”.  {But HONESTLY, would anything have been done if she didn’t handle it with a public audience who would demand the men to be held responsible for their actions?}

If you read the PlayHaven’s statement on the man who was fired, it appears the company did a thorough investigation and it was NOT just this one instance that led to his termination. . Yet it is this ONE instance that led to Adria Richards’ termination.

I can sympathize with SendGrid.  The computer gaming community is not one to piss off.    Adria’s former employer has dealt with server and network issues from a cyber denial-of-service attack (DDoS).  It is said that Anonymous has SendGrid’s client list and its members are calling and harassing SendGrid’s customers.  I don’t blame SendGrid for thinking about their business and their other employees over just one person.  Would you or I do any different?  But if you think about it – are we really talking about just one person?  Especially given the national and social media attention this story has drawn. 

If haters can cause so much damage that a company folds under its pressures, what’s next? I wish that SendGrid would have kept her on and fought against the people illegally harassing them. What kind of message does it send to others who victims of hate crimes?  If you speak up and try to draw any attention to the problem, you risk death treats, loosing your job, negatively impacting you employer’s business and your co-workers’ livelihoods.   Wow.  Anyone want to speak up now?


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