Violence Against Women Act – Help Pass It Now

I don’t understand how the House could let the Violence Against Women Act Expire. The change from the prior years was to extend protection to more women living in the United States. This is appalling and unforgivable.

I’m very happy to say that Vermont’s own Patrick Leahy is leading the way to reintroduce the bill in the 113th Congress. They need 4 more co-sponsors to bring it to the Senate floor. Please, please call your Senator. Phone number and script can be found here:

Patrick Leahy Vawa Gun Violence

Once it passes the Senate, you can believe I’ll add additional posts to get it through the House and let you know what you can do.

Domestic violence impacts everyone – if you don’t think you know someone who’s been affected, you’re wrong. You’re reading my post and in college I was raped by a male acquaintance. Please ACT NOW!

Thank you again Abigail Collazo for bring to my attention such an important issue.


1 thought on “Violence Against Women Act – Help Pass It Now

  1. I’ve gone ahead and written to Senators outside my district, knowing it will take a joint effort to see progress. Here’s my sample letter:

    Mr. Senator,

    I am currently stationed overseas with my husband and have been following the recent news regarding the re-introduction of the Violence Against Women Act.

    I urge you to become a co-sponsor of the bill S.47 and see that it passes the Senate floor.

    As a rape survivor, I know far too well the violence that impacts women every day. I know that each of us feels a little safer knowing that there are laws in place to protect us and assist us when we need it most.

    I look forward to hearing that you have sponsored and voted for this bill.

    Kind regards,
    Erin Hill

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