Mothers Bully Too

Yesterday, I was shocked to find out that a new friend of mine had received threatening emails. Not just one, but multiple emails from multiple people.  It was not a lone stalker or crazy mad man.  No, these emails were from people respected in our community and are mothers with small children.  Although my friend wouldn’t share the details of what was in the letters, everyone at our meeting was able to reason it out.

It wasn’t until this morning that I thought – I bet those emails are very similar to what a gay man or a bullied teen might receive.  Simply replace our group name with “fag”, “queer”, “flat chest”, or “lard butt”.  I wonder if the writers of the email would have found those messages acceptable to hit send.

Why was our group’s leader the victim of such nasty correspondence?  Because the bullies belonged to a group that didn’t accept our group and our beliefs.  They even held a pot-luck in our honor to discuss ways to stop us.  So far the harassment may stop at emails, but we’re not sure what to expect next.  Maybe a ban from the building where all organizations are allowed to gather, but clearly all are not welcomed?  Perhaps they’ll make an announcement and ask a larger part of the community to take part in the discrimination towards our group.

We just want to be a community for other like-minded individuals.  A group people can relate to and call on when they need a friend.  We got together for dinner last night, but mainly talked about other interests rather than the one that brought us all together.  When we did discuss our group, we talked about having a stand at various local events where we could raise money for charity and let others know we’re here.  We’re hardly threatening.  And frankly, in my opinion, hardly worth the time, effort, and anger it takes to write a fellow mother in order to terrorize her because she believes something other than what you believe.

What do you think?  Do you have a similar story?  Please share and let people know that it’s OK to be different.  It’s OK to hold opposing views.

IT IS NOT OK TO BULLY, TERRORIZE, OR THREATEN ANOTHER PERSON – I don’t care what excuse you have for it.


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