Creeper Shots: Are You Unknowingly Exposed On The Web?

What’s Private – Depends: Are You A Nameless Victim Or A Perp Who Openly Shares His Identity.

Okay everyone, first thoughts?  Which individual in this case should society protect?

Creeper Shots

A creeper shot is a picture taken of another person without his or her knowledge.  The picture could be anything from “look who’s at Walmart” to “check out this woman’s tits”.  The picture could be a full body shot or an up-close shot of an extremely intimate nature (think of a woman bending over in skirt and a creeper snapping a picture that captures the thighs and flower-themed panties of the unknowing woman).

Creeper shots have made their appearance on the web through FaceBook posts, email forwards, and most infamously on Reddit (an online forum community where users vote on content).  The photos could be pictures of women riding the train, which are then shared as “look at this hot babe” or pictures of girl classmates bending over a table as they work on a group project, “look at that ass – yum!”.

The Reddit site’s rule regarding comments and photos of an intimate nature is merely, “no child pornography or sexually suggestive content featuring minors”.   The rule, which was updated 7 months ago, goes on to state that Reddit

will tirelessly defend the right to freely share information on Reddit in any way we can, even if it is offensive or discusses something that may be illegal.

Conclusion – as long as you’re not showing underwear intimate photos of strangers are  okay and as long as you don’t say the girl’s age (she could be 18), under-age photos are okay.  Also, magically the sexualization of all of us over 18 is fair game.  Countless unknown women are being intimately exposed and the posts are not only allowed on the internet, but are being “liked” and “favored”.  To me, both the person taking the picture and the person getting off looking at it are perpetrators (a.k.a. creepers).

Nameless victims 0 – Creepers 1

Doing Something About It

Restoring our faith in humanity, some Redditors are fighting back.  They are finding out the creepers’ names, location and employers.  Then they are reporting the creepers to law enforcement and their bosses in an effort to hold them accountable for their actions.

Samantha, as she’s called in this Jezebel article, is the 25-year-old creator of the tumblr page Predditors.  She is compiling information on the creepers and posting it on her site.  To make it clear, she is NOT the one making this information public.  She is merely clicking on links from the creeper’s Reddit profile and finding their personal information, already public, on FaceBook, dating websites, LinkedIn and in other public domains.  The creepers, who were never hid their identities to begin with, are now named.  Employers, friends, and family can all see the activity they have been posting.

Nameless victims 1 – Creeper 1

Positive Outcome

I sincerely hope these social and legal pressures will deter the creepers’ behaviour and protect other women who cross their paths from unknowing violation.  One such story is of Christopher Bailey, a 35-year-old substitute teacher who had been posting photos of teenage girls in his classrooms.  After being contacted by an anonymous tipster, Coweta County Sheriff Investigator Jason Fetner spoke with Mr. Bailey.  Although his pictures on Reddit were of a legal nature, the nude photos and texts on his cell phone, which were sent to young girls, were not.

Nameless victims 2 – Creeper 1

Positive, No Wait, Negative Outcome

While writing this post, I discovered that one of Reddit’s creeper pages, /r/creepshots, has been shut down (this was the site mentioned in the articles referenced above).  Score one for the good guys, right?  Unfortunately, no.  That page may be down, but its negated by a new pages popping up, such as /r/creepinshots and by creepers who keep their photo albums on sites like Imgur and share them with others.

Negative Outcomes

We have a long way to go.  In the Reddit creeper’s forum, anyone who comments that the pictures are inappropriate or that the girls are too young is given negative ratings, so their comments disappear to the bottom of the forum and are rarely seen.  Meanwhile, high ratings are given to creepers by followers who admire the pictures and are impressed by them.  This type of “positive” reinforcement only encourages creeper behaviour   It is clear, that creeper shots will not be easy to eradicate from the internet.

Nameless victims 2 – Creeper 2

Unfortunately, outing a creeper does not always have the desired effect.  There are reports of some creepers being attacked, which may be the reason why the tubmlr page, Predditors, was taken down for a period of time.  Any time you combat someone’s illegal behaviour with illegal behaviour, you hinder justice.  It gives the creepers ammunition to paint the tipsters as vigilantes and provides a legal basis for them to request sites with their personal information to be taken down.  It costs taxpayers thousands of dollars to investigate, not just one crime, but now two.  It wastes energy and time that could be used to catch other creepers.

Nameless victims 2 – Creeper 3

A Call To Action

I implore everyone reading this post to do something about creeper shots, but do it in a productive way, that will end the violation of nameless victims.

  • Make your friends, sons and daughters aware of creeper shots and how inappropriate they are.  Many people have seen the email “Look who’s at Walmart” and laughed.  We as a society need to impart in our children that making fun of other people because of the way they act or dress is not okay.  That forwarding the information and contributing to the posts only desensitizes the inappropriateness of taking someone’s photo without their permission and then making it public.
  • How well do you know the people working for you? Have you looked at the social portfolios of your employees?   Use the web to conduct part of your background investigations and know who you are hiring and letting into your workplace.
  • Write to congressmen and women to let them know this is an area of that internet that needs laws to protect the nameless victims.
  • Share this post and the articles in it.

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