Deadlines Now – Are You Registered To Vote?

The election may be a month away, but did you know many states have deadlines for voter registration?  Some are today – but it’s not too late.  Not in the age of internet and email!

Register To Vote

Registering to vote is easy, quick, and painless (I promise).  Click here to go to the Register to Vote website.  It’s an organization which makes it easier than ever to become registered.  Simply choose your state, fill out the form on-line, print it and mail to the address provided.

Obtain Your Absentee Ballot

If you need an absentee ballot, go to the Federal Voting Assistance Program‘s website.  Here you can register to vote and request your absentee ballot.  I was provided an email address and could send in my absentee ballot request immediately.  Two days later I received my ballot via email and now I can vote!

Both sites have contact information if you need assistance.  There are NO excuses for not voting this year!  Make your voice heard.

If you’re concerned about your state’s deadline, click here to see voter registration deadlines.

Why Vote?

Check out my posts on Why Women Should Be Involved in Politics and why we must vote to Hold Congress Members Responsible For Their Failures

Read a political science professor’s reasons for why it’s important to vote and how to know who you want to vote for.  Scroll down, as the article is in the middle of the page.

Tell me your reasons for voting.  Add a comment and share with others why you think voting matters.


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