Hold Congress Members Responsible for Their Failures

In what job can you let a deadline pass without repercussions?  In what job can you go home or take a break without completing your duties?  At the very least you or I would leave someone responsible to see that the work is completed in our absence.  With the election getting closer every day, I cannot ignore the fact that the political party that wins the majority of the House and Senate will dictate our future, even more so than the elected President.  If we have learned anything from watching Republican members of Congress for the last 4 years, it is that a political party’s members have immense power.  They will and have halted progressive measures endorsed by the White House.  They have made passing any legislation supported by Barak Obama an impossibility.  Why has the media not made a bigger deal of this?  Why hasn’t the Obama campaign acknowledged this fact as publicly as possible?  Would it make the President look weak?  I don’t think so.  I think it would enlighten the American public.

Mr. President – tell us your story.  Tell us about your struggles to pass promised initiatives.  Tell us who stood in the way of the President that the American people voted into office four years ago.  Give us the credit to hold those politicians responsible for delaying the changes we wanted to see and let us vote them out of office.  Without this information and without your campaign’s complete acknowledgement that the Republican Party’s goal for the past four years has been to ensure you are a one-term President, how can the American people incite change?  Do not wait for your Presidential biography.  By then, it will be too late.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are news articles about this very subject, but I certainly never associated reading those articles with a call to action.  Here’s an article and here and here and here.  I was disgusted, as I imagine many of us are about the political arena in DC.  I still choose to vote, but I can certainly see why some would become so disenfranchised by the lack of actual productive work done by elected officials that they would choose not to vote.  If a reporter’s role is solely to report the political sabotage.  If a reader’s role is solely to digest and understand it.  Then whose role is it to take action to change it?  The lawmakers in Congress?   What happens if what needs to be changed is Congress?  Today – it’s up to you and me.

Below are some critical races for the 2012 Congress and the Democratic and Republican parties’ nominees.  Will you discuss these races with others?  With friends and family?  Will you twitter or post on FB?  Even if you don’t live in the state, I bet you know someone who does.  Will you take action to ensure a productive Congress?  What’s the point of electing Barak Obama and putting him in charge of our beautiful country if the next four years are spent the same as the last four?   I want to see Barak Obama reelected.  I believe in him.  I want to see what he can really do when supported by a Congress and a nation that trusts him to lead.

House of Representatives Party Battle Elections

  1. Texas’ 23rd District (San Antonio and Southwest Texas)
    1. D – Pete Gallego
    2. R – Francisco “Quico” Canseco
  2. Pennsylvania’s 12 District (North Pittsburgh and east of the city)
    1. D – Mark Critz
    2. R – Keith Rothfus
  3. Oklahoma’s 2ndDistrict (eastern part of the state)
    1. D – Rob Wallace
    2. R – Markwayne Mullin
  4. New York’s 21stDistrict (Adirondack region and North Country)
    1. D – Bill Owens
    2. R – Matt Doheny
  5. California’s 52ndDistrict (north of San Diego)
    1. D – Scott Peters
    2. R – Brian Bilbray
  6. California’s 26thDistrict (Oxnard & Thousand Oaks)
    1. D – Julia Brownley
    2. R – Tony Strickland
  7. Iowa’s 4thDistrict (northwestern Iowa)
    1. D – Christie Vilsack
    2. R – Steve King
  8. Minnesota’s 8thDistrict (northeastern Minnesota)
    1. D – Rick Nolan
    2. R – Chip Cravaack
  9. New Yorks 19thDistrict (north, south and west of Albany)
    1. D – Julian Schreibman
    2. R – Chris Gibson
  10. Utah’s 4thDistrict (southwest of Salt Lake City)
    1. D – Jim Matheson
    2. R – Mia Love

Senate Party Battle Elections 

  1. Connecticut
    1. D – Chris Murphy
    2. R – Linda McMahon
  2. Hawaii
    1. D – Mazie Hirono
    2. R – Linda Lingle
  3. Indiana
    1. D – Joe Donnelly
    2. R – Richard Mourdock
  4. Massachusetts
    1. D – Elizabeth Warren
    2. R – Scott Brown
  5. Maine
    1. D – Cynthia Dill
    2. R – Charlie Summers
  6. Montana
    1. D – Jon Tester
    2. R – Denny Rehberg
  7. North Dakota
    1. D – Heidi Heitkamp
    2. R – Rick Berg
  8. Nevada
    1. D – Shelley Berkley
    2. R – Dean Heller
  9. Virginia
    1. D – Tim Kaine
    2. R – George Allen
  10. Wisconsin
    1. D – Tammy Baldwin
    2. R – Tommy Thompson

VOTE.  It matters.

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