A Call to Action: Women can and will change the election results

I’ve been thinking long and hard this last week as to what action I can take that will preserve the rights our ancestors fought for us to have.  How can I inspire other women to take action that will show the world we will not remain silent any longer as our rights are jeopardized?

My call to action started when I read remarks made by Congressman Todd Akin.  Sure, they say Todd Akin won’t win his race.  But is that enough?  Does that send any message?  I don’t think it does.  Now if he were to lose to his race by the largest margin ever recorded in election history – that might make headlines.

I propose that each person who reads this post take action to ensure uneducated, close-minded, backwards-thinking politicians do not win their races this November (I assure you, Todd Akin is not the only one).  To quote my twin sister, Teresa Hill, “Let there be no confusion or mistake: if the Republican Party wins the election, women will be second class citizens without the right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.”

How can we accomplish this?  I encourage each of you to ask that of yourselves and brainstorm an idea.  Reply to this blog post and inspire others who read it.  Here are some ideas I had this morning to get you started:

  • Make t-shirts that read “My body is not state or federal property” and “Women have rights and we vote”.
  • Post a link to this blog on your Facebook and Twitter feed.  Include it in your email signature.
  • Email, text, and call all your friends and acquaintances.  Find your college’s alumni directory and start calling everyone in it.  Encourage them to vote.  Inform them of what is at risk and ask them if they need assistance getting to the ballot box in November.  Follow up with them.  Tell them about your life and ask them about theirs.  Make this personal, because it is.

We can start small.  No need to overwhelm ourselves.  Todd Akin is running for congress in Missouri’s 2nd District.  Here is a map of the district’s zone.  http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/MO/2.  Let’s get our message out to ask many people in that district using the many resources we already have.

Below is a list of some colleges and universities in the 2nd District. I plan to reach out to student groups – they’re great at volunteering and spreading the word.  Let me know if you’d like to target one of the Universities and I’ll focus my efforts on the others:

  • Maryville University
    • 650 Maryville University Drive, St. Louis, MO
    • 314-529-9300
    • maryville.edu
  • Missouri Baptist University
    • 75 College Campus Drive, Moscow Mills, MO
    • 636-366-4363
    • mobap.edu
  • Lindenwood University
    • 995 Main Street, Moscow Mills, MO
    • (636) 366-9376 ‎
    • 209 South Kingshighway Street, St. Charles, MO
    • (636) 949-4933 ‎
    • lindenwood.edu

If you want to start in your hometown, don’t do it alone.  Solicit help from your neighbors and family and friends.  Together target one neighborhood at a time.  Make a FaceBook page or Yahoo Group to keep everyone connected.

Keep me posted on your progress and I’ll keep you posted on mine.

Find your voice.



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